Defeating the Opportunity Gap

Defeating the opportunity gap by encouraging Students and Small Businesses to start, continue and win in STEM, Business and Accounting. Learn to count your own bag where the alternative is for other people to tell you your worth.

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College Student ~ 2023

Thank You, Professor Rambus! It was great having you as our professor this quarter. It is nice that I get the chance to learn in-depth about AWS services and cloud computing and get the chance to gain a badge when finishing the AWS course. Hope you the best and have a wonderful break!!

Faculty | 2022

“In my humble opinion, Prof. Rambus provided an excellent overview through her lecture on why accounting is so important on a managerial and small business level. She did that methodically and rigorously through her teachings and excellent examples during her lecture for my Bus 101 class. I would highly recommend her for any lecture or speaking engagements."

College Student ~ 2022

"Jessicka fully explained being an accountant and she's a great speaker telling us all about the accounting sides of things. It has made me think that accounting goes far beyond number as that is how I always have thought about accounting. I'm sure she is great at what she does and I'm going to look at accounting after her presentation with the class."

College Student ~ 2021

"thank you Jessicka for being a great instructor. I had a tough time, but you made it make sense."

College Student ~ 2020

This is my favorite class! How  Jessicka presents all the materials,  how she responds to our questions, is  always in touch with on us canvas. She is the most receptive teacher and I  always feel that if I have a question,  problem, etc, she is always here to support us. Thank you

College Student ~ 2020

“Jessicka is very good at breaking down the fundamentals in terms of helping us retain knowledge of useful functions and improve the methods er use of data analysis”

Professor Rambus

Irrationally Passionate about defeating the opportunity gap, disciplined specialties are Business Math, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Microsoft Excel, IT Project Management and anything Administration (MBA).

Four-year degree Accounting major, solid business acumen, education in ancestor's purpose, 25+ years' of experience, talents, and knowledge to share. Loving the work, "I got you."